About Us

In April of 2020, my husband passed away, and the pandemic had just begun. We were all quarantined and in lockdown. Though my loved ones could not visit and come inside my home during this deep period of grief, they could write and send notes, cards, and letters. A huge part of what has helped me move through this last year has been walking to my mailbox and receiving love written down. Reading notes and letters from those who loved me was a balm to my soul, and I was so grateful for all who took the time to get out a pen and some paper to  share their thoughts and encouragement. 

Ella Capri is a luxury stationery brand inspired by simple, classic style. We take modern trends and pair them with timeless designs to create lovely items handcrafted just for you. Whether we are celebrating, grieving, thanking, or encouraging, we believe that our words have the power to lift the spirits of another. Writing notes to those we love is a simple and powerful way we can make the world a kinder place. Thank you for shopping with us; we are honored you chose Ella Capri Paperie for your fine stationery needs.